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Dengan Bisnis, kita bisa mendapatkan uang dari internet dengan tanpa Investasi, biaya pendaftaran atau apalah namanya. Intinya kita bias mendaftar secara GRATIS. Apakah anda seorang veteran atau pemula dalam bidang internet marketing bisnis. Kesempatan ini untuk ANDA. Yang anda perlukan hanya computer dengan akses internet dan kemaun kerja keras anda sehingga dapat mencapai keinginan anda.

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1. Free membership (Gratis Keanggotaan) – Sama sekali tidak ada biayauntuk bergabung dengan affiliasi program ini.
2. Free Personal Website (Kita akan dikasih Website Gratis untuk promosi)
3. Laporan online dan statistic penjualan yang dapat memonitoring perkembangan usaha kita.
4. Generous Compesation Plan – yaitu kita bisa mendapatkan komisi yang besar
anda tidak akan menemukan di program apapun komisi yang sebesar ini.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get More Money With AdBrite

Tips Mencari uang di lahan basah - publisher Adbrite

Saya ingin bagikan pengalaman bagaimana saya mencari uang di adbrite, tetapi saya tidak menjamin ini akan berhasil lagi karena teknik ini sudah saya pakai sekitar 4 bulan lalu, apalagi sekarang adbrite tampil baru, mungkin lebih sukar diakalin seperti dulu.Bagi anda sebagai publisher di adbrite, pastilah mengalami dimana iklan adbrite sangat susah muncul di website anda, dalam hal ini yang saya bicarakan jika belum ada yang membeli space ads di tempat anda.
Tetapi sekarang saya bagikan tips mencari lahan yang basah di adbrite sehingga “mungkin” lebih gampang mendapatkan uang / duit / income dari adbrite.Berikut ini beberapa step penting di adbrite yang perlu diperhatikan.Kita tahu bahwa untuk menginstall iklan adbrite, kita harus melewati “6 step”, tetapi hanya beberapa step saja yang penting diperhatikan jika anda ingin mendapatkan iklan yang akan sering muncul / nongol di website / blog anda.Keenam step adbrite adalah:

1. Choose ad formats
2. Ad specs
3. Describe your site
4. Tag your site
5. Set pricing
6. Get codeStep-step yang penting adalah:

Step 2 (Ad specs)
Langkah2 penting di step ini adalah centang di :Also include edgier ads (but still no adult ads)dancentang: Yes, show network ads (recommended).

Step 4 (Tag Your Site)
Langkah2 penting di step ini adalah:pada menu What can advertisers sell to your visitors?isi saja dengan : EVERYTHING—-What kind of people visit your site?isi saja dengan: EVERYONE—Choose a category :This is where advertisers can find your site in the AdBrite directory. We also use this to help match advertisers to your sitepadaMain Category (Pick one):pilih lahan yang basah: Sports & Recreationsecond category (pick one):pilih: General .
Lahan basah lainnya adalah, di Business & Industrial -> Non-profit Organizations.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

We Could Earn Easy Money From The Internet, Find Out?? (Part1)

Hi All,

As we all know that, This day Internet has become so very closed with people to fulfill their need whether for just email, browsing, surfing, download, upload, etc. But besides that, many people said that we could earn easy money from the internet with a lot of ways. And you know what, many people has gain their passive income from the internet that can fulfill their life style.

So, from that information I just wondering, how they could do that ?. I mean It's only computer and Internet.

so I keep searching how to find the right way to do that and finally I found it. Although it wasn't as good as like them, but I believe sometimes it will get bigger and bigger.

Let me tell you a secreat, now I could earn easy money from :

AGLOCO offers a toolbar that display advertising. If you run the toolbar, they will give you a share of the ad money. They also pay you if you refer other people to use the toolbar. The more people you refer, the more you can potentially make. Currently,
has over 13,000 people in it and it’s increasing by over 100 per day. AGLOCO is a startup and unproven. However, since the cost of entry is zero, you can’t lose anything for signing up. AGLOCO is also the only network here that doesn’t require you to have a site and so is CLIXSENSE .

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And now I try to find out, to earn more money from :

And Google AdWords.

If anyone of you would share an information or any knowledgement of how to get money from internet, please I'll be honour.